Keyloggers: How they work and how to detect them

To detect key logger spyware, you need to know what it is and how it works. Key logger is an invisible software program that identity thieves Artful Dodger use to track your online act.

You won’t even see your machine slow down or see anything unusual. It just silently watches every keystroke you type in ad eundem if the identity thieves were standing over your shoulder.

Attackers who use key logger spyware often sell the information to third parties who Artful Dodger funnel money out of Bank of England accounts or accountability up credit cards. Hackers who use keylogging to get into one computer at a company have the ableness to steal vital information from the entire organization.

It is about impossible to detect key logger on your computer and even if you’re Scotch you’ll never know if it is recording information such ad eundem Bank of England a reckoning of passwords and credit ID card numbers.

Several businesses use key logger software to monitor employee act and parents Artful Dodger use keylogging to check up on the web sites their children are visiting. But in the hands of a hacker wanting to steal your financial information, key loggers are extremely dangerous.

Attackers who use key logger spyware often sell the information to third parties who Artful Dodger funnel money out of Bank of England accounts or accountability up credit cards. Hackers who use keylogging to get into one computer at a company have the ableness to steal vital information from the entire organization.

The aristocracy rule of thumb is to assiduously monitor what you download on your computer and what sites you visit. The major sites of banks and retailers are usually relatively safe. But abide acquainted of downloading free software from an unfamiliar site that could leave you vulnerable to a potential hacker.

Here are a few tips to protect you about keylogging:

* Use a firewall to help prevent a unauthorized computer act.

* Do not click ok on pop-up windows without reading them first.

* Do not open e-mail attachments from someone you don’t know.

* Never open spam e-mail.

* Run a weekly, full system adversary-virus computer scan.

Computer experts say the number of keylogging crimes is on the rise after all there are ways to protect yourself . Detecting key logger spyware and destroying it Artful Dodger abide done abeam installing spyware protection software.

Website Interface And Usability

Usability study normally precedes the interface and technical design of the website construction process, which involves establishment of complete user profiles, creation of the interface model or sample and extensive user testing.

The ideal web interface design demands for organized approach in the designing process. However, to guarantee optimal performance, web usability testing is needed. This domain testing allows inexperienced users to supply data regarding what really is working, as have been expected and then what is not working. Only as soon as the subsequent repairs are constructed and done can a website be considered to achieve optimized user interface.

This procedure, though in several cases takes a few repetitions, provide the necessary and important information and evidence for the finished web interface functionality and design, resulting in a website interface that conveys clear messages to visitors, regarding where they actually are, easily predict what is about to happen as well as where buttons will take them and what they need to do to accomplish their goals. The ease and simplicity of all these activity is what defines a usable website.

The experience of the user is the main factor to acceptance; this is where interface design comes in the designing process. Whereas product engineers give emphasis on technology, specialists in website usability concentrate on user interface.

The significance of a great interface user design is the driving force of a products acceptance or rejection.

If visitors have hard time learning and using, a complicated website, even an excellent product can fail. Interface design must make your product simple to use and understand, so that it results to user acceptance.

Here are guidelines for creating website usability:

System status. Your system must always update users regarding what is happening, through correct feedback within a reasonable time.

Simple words. Make sure that your website speaks the language of your visitors, having phrases or words familiar to them. Construct information that appears in a most natural tone and in consistent order.

User freedom and control. Note that internet users at times encounter mistakes in system functions and need an “emergency exit” in order to easily leave that undesirable situation. Support in your system undo and redo.

Consistency. Visitors must not need to question whether different situations, words or actions represent the similar things. Follow platform principles or guidelines.

Retrievable instructions. Making actions, options and objects visible and easily retrievable. Your visitors do not need to remember certain information from a particular part of a dialogue to another.

Efficiency and flexibility of use. Use accelerators to speed up interaction between experts and the system. Construct it in such manner youre your system is able to cater both the experienced and inexperienced users. Permit users to customize frequent actions.

Users help. Display error messages in plain and simple language that accurately indicate what the problem is and then propose a solution.

User interface and design principles:

1. Structure. Your web design must establish user interface persistently, in useful and meaningful ways that are based on consistent and clear models easily recognizable; put all related and similar things together.

2. Simplicity. Design your website simply, making common tasks easy to do, clearly communicating in the language of the user, and providing shortcuts that meaningfully are related to those longer procedures.

3. Visibility. Design your website that it keeps all materials and options visible without disrupting your visitors with redundant or extraneous information. Never overwhelm your visitors with too much alternatives.

4. Feedback. Your design must keep your visitors well informed of certain actions, changes of condition, errors or certain exceptions which are of interest and relevant to them through concise and clear language.

5. Tolerance. Your design must be tolerant at the same time flexible, reducing misuse and mistakes by permitting undo and redo. Likewise prevent errors from occurring by accepting different sequences and inputs by translating all logical actions.

How your website interface is designed either makes or breaks your business. Although website functionality is a significant factor, the manner by which it imparts that functionality or user performance is likewise as important. A website that is hard to manage will not be used at all. Period.

How to Win at Multiplayer First Shooter Games

The way most first player shooters score kills is simple to understand the harder it is to make the kill the more points you get. This means that if you kill someone with a knife you will get more points then someone using a chain gun, but running around with just your knife out is a big gamble unless you are extremely skilled at the game. This method of play will usually just make you the biggest loser.

One way to get a good score is to take a long range weapon like a sniper rifle and camp out near the enemy camps spawn point. By doing this every time someone on the opposing team gets killed they will instantly revert back to the spawn point and you can shoot them, then they will disappear and then reappear and you can shoot them again.

You get fewer points like this, but it is the same principal as playing roulette in the casinos, it is easier to get many smaller wins, rather then one big win.

When using this method try to pick your location using your head and do not just take a gamble on your sniping spot. You will want to have the advantage of height, but sometimes if you can get a good shot and be in a lower location it may be the last place someone looks for you. Many of the newer first player games allow the sun to be used as it would in real life. So going up a hill and having the sun at your back will give you a natural advantage in the game, and allow you to snipe from the same spot for a longer time before someone finds and kills you.

Many times I would jump into the pilots chair and other players would jump in and I would circle the enemy camp but the players in the back of my chopper would not attack instead they would jump out or just wait for me to land instead of helping me attack from the air. So instead of increasing our chances of winning by working together they just wanted to be a team of 1. This will decrease the chances of our team winning the game, just like a player at a blackjack table can make all the other players lose by making bad decisions when it is that players turn.
Formulating a good strategy, playing as a team and using all available tools at your disposal you can not only win more games and get more points, you will also have a better online gaming experience, and this applies to playing first person shooter games and gambling in online casinos.

The Top Video Cards On The Market

The top video cards that can be used in todays computers can be easily found in many stores. Many of these cards will have different interfaces that are used and some will have high definition television compatibility. However, not all of the top video cards are going to be the same.

The best of the top video cards on the market these days is the GeForce 8800 GTX. Made by NVIDIA, this features a GDDR3 memory technology chip and is PCI compatible. This is what is also used in Sonys PlayStation 3 gaming system. This second best video memory chip is available and has a memory clock rate that well expands over one gigahertz in speed.

More of the benefits of the GeForce 8800 GTX is that it is the first video card that features DirectX 10 GPU. This is the latest edition in the Microsoft series of multimedia programming and is used exclusively with the new Windows Vista operating system.

PNYs GeForce 8800 GTX Overclocked is a variation of this video card and is also one of the top video cards that are available today. In addition, a PCI card, this feature has the ability to create image resolutions as high as 2560×1600 in quality. It also supports DirectX 10, OpenGL 2.0 and high definition television systems. The memory bandwidth of this card is especially high, as it has a bandwidth of 96 GB per second.

BFGs GeForce 8600 GTS OC2 is one of the top video cards in the PCI Express line. The PCI Express is a unique and easy to use interface for the video card. This specific card will handle more than thirty gigabytes of bandwidth per second and has 256 MB of video memory. OpenGL 2.0 and DirectX 10 are also used here.

AGP cards are available for those who have computers whose motherboards can only take in AGP formatted cards. Diamond Multimedias S120 Radeon 9550 is one of the top video cards in this category, and it is great for those who are not willing to spend a great amount of money on a video card. This costs around fifty dollars in a typical retail store. This contains a VGA analog output. This Video Graphics Array output is easy to connect. It also features 256 MB of video memory and a maximum resolution of 2560×1600, and it is AGP compatible. This is a great video card for those who are looking for a card that is affordable.

Another good AGP video card is the XFX GeForce 6200. These features VGA connectors and a dual 400 MHz RAM. It contains 256 MB of video memory, which refers to the coordination of depth in three-dimensional images. The CineFX 3.0 engine is one of the most notable parts of this card. It makes it one of the top video cards because it uses unique shader architecture so that images will be displayed at a smoother rate.

Some of the top video cards are SLI ready cards. This refers to Scalable Link Interface, which helps to link multiple video cards to create one output. NVIDIAs GeForce 7300 GT is one of the top video cards in this range. It features DDR2 memory and is compliant with PCI Express cards. Its unique transmission encoder will help to provide HDTV and composite output signals.

Biostars GeForce 7100 GS TurboCache is also popular. This has 256 MB of video memory and a top resolution of 2048×1536. It is also HDTV ready.

Those are some of the top video cards to look for when shopping. These video cards all have different interfaces for PCI, AGP and SLI formats. They all have different resolution qualities and video memory ranges, but some of them will even handle HDTV signals. These cards will not only be great for a computer but they will work well for individual computer users.

How to Acquire Free Web Site Promotion

You have finished making your own website. You have introduced your company and presented your products and services. You have added propositions and promos to catch your target audiences attention. You have achieved the dos and donts of building a company web site. But why isnt your website a major success?

Maybe youre not planning the key to the best promotion of your web site. Here are some guidelines on how to acquire free web site promotions for your companys success.

If you have started to promote your web site, keep it constant. If you promote your site with persistence, it will catch your audiences attention.

Be patient. Try each method in promotion until you acquire the best, free promotion there is. You have to accept trial and error for your web site to reach the top.

There are many ways for your web site to be seen. Here are some free web site promotions you could try until you find the most effective.

*Free promotions such as search engines and directories would give your web site the deserved traffic you always wanted. Make sure to check your web sites ranking to know whether or not this type of free promotion is right for you.

*Make a deal with other web sites on trading links which could help both web sites. Make sure to use words that could easily interest the audience.

*Find free classified ads that could boost the promotion of your web site. These ads could be seen by other people who you are not targeting for, but may as well be interested in your services.

*Free and low-cost internet banners are spread all through out the World Wide Web. Banners that pop-up at the top of a page or in a separate window would automatically catch your target audiences attention.

If your web site and its free promotion did not work even after accomplishing these methods, analyze your web site. Track down all visitors, advertisements, and transactions. Then locate errors in your web site. Upload new files to your web site continuously for audience to return for new products and services. Monitor your own web site if its up in the market or down.

Then be ready to try the methods again and surely it will work.

It has always been said that the best things in life are free. Yes they are. And as soon as your free web site promotion proves to the audience its worth, then youll believe its true.

Quick Selling Software

This is one of most advanced high quality software packages available for sale. You get 20 quality software titles included, all of which you get resell rights to, so you can profit from every sale!

Non only can you choose to sell these popular and fast selling programs to other, but you can also give them away as bonuses, by including the entire package or individual programs, along with other software or product you are selling, on software membership sites, etc.

And unlike many of the other software and EBook packages out there, you only need to distribute one small file when selling or giving away the quick Selling Software package. No lengthy, complicated downloads or high bandwidth and server space concerns!

Once you’ve paid for the program, you get the rights to resell all the programs together or separately plus the web sales page. Of course, I believe you will also enjoy using these programs yourself for years to come. Even if you choose not to resell or give away copies of this software to others, you can rest assured that for the low price you paid for this fantastic software package you could have only bought one or two of the programs contained on the packages at prices.

You may sell or give away this entire Quick Selling Software packages or the software contained in this package to others.

So, this package include following software:

1. Contact Form Wizard – A great tool that sets up a php file for creating quick and easy contact forms with maximum function. Can either have 1 email address or give them a choice – contact forms like this are a great way of avoiding spam – your email address isn’t put into the html. Prefix the email subject for easy sorting.

2. Email Protector – In 2001, spam email accounted for 8% of email sent. Today, according to industry experts, it accounts for 64% to 85% of all email sent. Spam is a huge productivity drain on business. We tested several demo-version email harvesting programs and found that changing the “@” and “.” to their Unicode equivalents was sufficient to fool the spambots.

3. File Splitter – A great tool for splitting files to fit onto disks or use in emails. Can’t send a file through email without your account timing out? Split it with File Splitter and send it in chunks. Has settings for splitting for floppies, small email, good size email and big files. Or you can choose your custom size. After splitting you just click Join Files then choose one main file.

4. Form Builder – Quickly build a form that allows visitors to submit information to you, create your own one that has all the fields that you require – setup an unlmited number and you can make it so they are validated (have to be filled out) you can set it so it goes to one email address or they can select from a choice of address’s. Very easy to use and also comes with a quick help file to get people going.

5. IE ToolBox – Microsoft Internet Explorer is the most common browser in use. If you are a user of it, then it makes sense to keep it clean and running well. This program quickly and easily cleans the history, typed urls, cookies, temporary internet files and even has some misc options to speed up your web browsing experience.

6. Image Viewer – Easy to use image viewer, one that doesn’t change all you image file settings. Just pick the folder to browse and view images or use the slide show feature.

7. Instant Download Form – Quickly create download forms on your website, where users can come along, enter there name and email address and have an email sent to them containing there download link – you also get an email with this persons email address. A fantastic tool for building up your mailing list!

8. Java Source Machine – Java Source Machine, the best javascript tool! Java Source Machine includes 15 different javascripts and makes it easy to use them. You input what you want, then preview or generate code. Save the file as html or just copy and paste the code into your existing website page. Not only does this have the code, but tells you what browser it will work in.

9. Meta Code Generator – Meta Code Generator makes it easy to MetaTags into your pages for your website. Easy to use. Fill in the blanks, then generate the perfect code to copy and paste into your site! Or use the insert tab and insert the code into Multiple pages! When using insert function you must add %meta% to the html where you want the code to insert at.

10. Multi Search File Finder – Searching of selected drives for files. Searching of items within the first search. Delete items easily. Open the item to check what it is. Open the folder where the item is stored to see what else is there. Fast searching!

11. Multiple Find and Replace – Simple and easy to use Find and Replace tool. Use to change text or html on multipy files.

12. Note Organizer – Note organizer is an advanced program for storing notes, you can create as many sections as you want, sections on html snipets, peoples contact details the possiblitys are endless. Very easy to use and navigate – the is the best way to store notes. Add and remove folders and notes easily!

13. Screen Capture – Screen Capture easily captures screenshots from your computer. Captures the last active screen, full screen or user selected area. Also numbers each picture consecutively. Creates jpeg images.

14. Time To Stretch – Simple and easy to use program that reminds you when it’s time to stretch. If you spend most of the day on the computer you probably aren’t doing enough to keep you from getting RSI. The program reminds you to stretch your arms and legs so you don’t have to get the pain of RSI. Very simple to use. Takes up little space on your desktop, can sit in the system tray.

15. Traffic Wizard – Traffic Wizard is packed with 10 scripts which are easy to use to increase website traffic. These scripts include Break Frames, Bookmark Us, Email This Page, Set Homepage, Logo Branding, Frameless Popup, Browser Entry, Language (which routes traffic based on browser language settings), Avenue Search, and Popup Page.

16. To Do List Manager – Add tasks and remove tasks, tasks can contain notes, set a date when it’s due along with priority, sits in the system tray out of the way, print all the tasks out, auto saves and loads the list when you open close program, add an unlimited amount of tasks and edit any task that has been setup.

17. Start Page Surfer – Do you surf alot of the start page’s? (Surf pages, get credits then others surf your site) This program will surf 5 pages at once, it will block pop-up windows, reset the start page between 0-60 minutes incase a javascript changes it. Minimizes to the system tray to be out of your way

18. Auto Hitz – Add as many start pages as you want. Limit how many times that start page is opened. Opens them randomly so hard to trace. Save and load lists of auto hitz pages. Many more great features!

19. CSS Machine – Quickly change your boring pages with these easy to use CCS scripts. Effects from No underline links to Blurry Text effects. Contains 8 very popular script with quick description and how to put it into there pages. A very handy tool to have in a webmaster kit.

20. ICQ Recieved File Remover – Easy ‘Wizard’ style interface for removing files that people have sent you via icq. If you got as many people on your list as I do, all everyone sends you a file now and then you’ll see notice that the received files directory is taking up far to much disk space.